Booty Blast

Many of us have been resorting to at-home workouts during COVID-19, and the good news is that there are literally hundreds of exercises that you can do from home with little to no equipment.

The best program for strengthening and sculpting any area is to incorporate a variety of exercises that challenge the muscles in a variety of ways. In addition, you’ll need to regularly advance and modify these exercises every 4-8 weeks to ensure regular progress. That’s where the help of a trainer or coach can assist you as you advance your program.

Today we’ll focus on your Booty, also known as your glutes, butt, or hips. Regardless of whether your motives are aesthetic or functional for your butt, we can all agree that strong hips are important and will add to your health. Strong Hips = Strong Knees and will help the integrity of your joints and connective tissue and ultimately, will enhance your running, climbing, jumping, skiing and more.

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Are Masks Safe During Exercise?

Since both Governor Inslee and Governor Brown have mandated masks to be worn in all indoor, public locations to help stop the spread of Covid-19, many are concerned with whether there are any safety risks associated with exercising with a mask on.

Since many academic institutions are currently closed, large scale experiments are not feasible to effectively test usage of various types of masks during exercise and how it affects the user. It is also very difficult to effectively test and examine the spread of Covid-19 in the current conditions and control for all variables. As a result, the information and guidelines being released seem to change daily as we learn more about the virus. Try to be patient with the inconsistencies in guidelines – the world has only been studying this strain for 6 months!

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Weight Loss After The Quarantine

It is understandable if you gained some weight during the Stay-at-Home order. We were stressed and there wasn’t much to do. This caused many of us to binge on TV and food. Now that we are getting some sense of normalcy back, many of us are motivated to shed the quarantine-layer. 

First and foremost, don’t stress out if you did gain a few extra pounds. More stress isn’t going to help anything. Instead, focus on the initiatives that you can take to start feeling better and the weight will take care of itself.

Focus on these key principles and you will experience some pretty fantastic results including increased energy, better sleep, improved body composition, lower risk for illness and disease and weight loss.


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Getting Back to Workouts

When gyms closed due to COVID-19, many exercise enthusiasts got out of their normal workout routine. Now that gyms are reopening, many people are struggling to get back at it.

First, remind yourself that your health is extremely important, now more than ever! You need your physical strength, mental health, stress release and a strong immune system. If anything, hopefully this pandemic has taught us how critical it is to take care of our overall health.


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Are You Ready For Your Gym To Reopen?

Now that Clark County is in Phase 2, many smaller, boutique-styles fitness and training facilities are open or are preparing to reopen. Larger fitness facilities will be allowed to open when we transition into Phase 3.

Exercise enthusiasts are now faced with a decision. Some are more than ready for their favorite gym to open, while others might not be ready for weeks, months or perhaps, not until next year.

First, it’s important to note that exercise strengthens your immune system and those who are healthy and fit, typically experience less illness. So regular workouts should definitely be part of your weekly schedule and your overall health plan.


With that said, there are some things that you should consider to minimize your risk:


Not ready yet!

If working out in a public setting makes you nervous, workout from home or outdoors. There are plenty of virtual workout options that you can participate in at home. If you have a session scheduled with your trainer, ask them if they will conduct your session by phone, Skype or Facebook Live. Working outdoors is a great way to boost your vitamin D while getting some fresh air and most trainers would accommodate that also.


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Get Outside For Your Health

No school, people are working from home and we can’t actually go anywhere and do anything. Everything is virtual and many are opting to place all their orders online and have all their household needs delivered so there’s no reason to leave your home. Some people are literally stuck indoors all day and that is not good for your health.

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“Working From Home” Aches and Pains

If you are a business professional, but your industry has been categorized as non-essential, you’ve probably found yourself working from home. If you are like most people, your new working environment is probably less than ideal. Perhaps you’re hunched over your computer on your couch, in your bed or at your dining room table. Most likely the ergonomics aren’t the best and you’re probably experiencing a lot of aches and pains in your back, hips, neck and shoulders.

Here’s some tips to help ease some of those physical issues:

Get Up Often

You’ve probably heard that sitting is the new smoking so if you sit for extended periods of time, you need to set a timer to assure that you are getting up and moving at least every hour. An Apple watch will remind you on the hour to get up and move which is so critical for circulation and getting your tissues out of those tight and shortened positions. Also, consider investing in a variable desk that will allow you to sit or stand while you work so you can adjust your body’s position. Holding the same posture for extended periods of time is not good for you body and decreases your energy levels.



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Our Kids Are Struggling Through COVID-19

Although most kids probably love that they get to sleep in, many are really struggling right now. They are missing their friends, teachers and social life. Many are struggling with trying to stay focused with online, virtual education. They hear the scary news broadcasts. They listen to adult conversations and can assume the gravity of the situation. Bottom line – they are anxious and experiencing stress at a high level whether they understand that or not. Just like their parents, they need a positive, outlet to manage their emotions and to participate in things that make them feel good.

In addition, since going outside and playing with your friends isn’t encouraged right now, they are stuck at home watching more TV and playing video games which was already a problem before COVID-19 surfaced. The temptation to sink into couch potato-land is a scary reality which is adding to these startling stats:

Children today are approximately 40% less active than they were 30 years ago

40% of children and teens are overweight enough to threaten their future health

40% of children already have at least one risk factor for heart disease and reduced fitness due to an inactive lifestyle

Children spend an average of 26 hours a week watching television and also spend 25-30 hours a week sitting behind a desk


The importance of physical strength, mental health, stress relief and our immune system is critical, now more than ever, for adults and our youth!



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Remember Your WHY!

Gyms, yoga studios and pools are closed. Running and Triathlon races cancelled. It is easy to understand why you may start to lose your motivation to workout.

The key to maintaining your commitment is to remember your ‘WHY’. Why do you work out? Why do you race? When you dig deep into your motivation, you’ll find that COVID-19 should not affect your ability to stay the course, you may just need to use a different mode of ‘transportation’.

What are your goals?

It’s important to remember that the virus has not cancelled your goals. Ask yourself why you exercise, train and race? Most likely you do it to improve your physical strength and endurance, mental health, weight management, stress release and to boost your immune system. Aren’t all of those things still important, and even more so now?

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What’s Better? Working Out at Home or at The Gym?

Fitness Clubs have been closed for 6 weeks due to COVID-19 forcing all exercise enthusiasts to find alternatives to maintain their fitness. Being forced into this situation is challenging for everyone but it does provide the opportunity to highlight the differences and benefits between working out at home and gym workouts.


Working out at home is no longer less expensive than working out at a gym. With clubs like Planet Fitness offering memberships for $10/month, the playing field is level. You can find low cost clubs and high cost fitness clubs. You can participate in low cost at-home workouts like free YouTube videos using no equipment and high cost at-home programming like Peloton or the cost of outfitting your home gym with all the equipment you want. Understand your budget and what you would like to invest in your health and fitness and understand that you can find both at-home and gym workout options within your budget.

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