One Exercise and One Nutrition Tip that you can commit to right now!

Hey clients, friends and family.

Instead of waiting until New Year’s to resolve to carve out time for yourself so you can look and feel your best, let’s make a commitment to ramp it up right now. Why wait? There’s no better time than today. Plus, we’ll get you looking and feeling amazing for the holidays!

So over the new few weeks, I’m going to regularly offer you a quick and easy exercise and nutrition tip. Some will be basic – stuff you’ve heard before but a good reminder! And others may offer a new approach that may help you lock into your program.

Make one small change at a time – it’s often the small but consistent changes that bring forth the biggest results!

Exercise: It’s Wednesday and many people experience the mid-week workout slump. So if this is the case for you or you recognize another day during the week when you really struggle with sticking to your workout, try a different approach. Plan something on this day that you would never want to miss. Maybe you schedule a tennis match or bike ride with your best friend. Or maybe you plan to always take your favorite instructor’s class this day. Maybe you sign up for a new program like Zumba or Dance lessons that you would absolutely love. Perhaps you schedule an appointment with your trainer so you absolutely can’t miss your workout. Or maybe you need a restorative day so you schedule in a Yoga class or stretching session. Bottom line – plan do something that you know you will 100% commit to and soon the day that you once struggled with will become your most consistent day.

Nutrition: If you struggle with portion control, try Psyllium Husks as a method to decrease appetite. Psyllium seed husks are indigestible in humans and are often used as a source of dietary fiber. They are used to relieve constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and improve regular GI transit. Some recent research is also showing them to be promising in lowering cholesterol, controlling diabetes and providing a sense of fullness therefore helping with portion control and weight management. You can purchase Psyllium Husks powder that you mix with water and consume 10-15 minutes before your meal. You can pick up at your Natural Food Store and/or the Natural section in most grocery stores.

Yours in health and fitness,

Sherri McMillan

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