Did you know that I am super lazy?!

Hey clients, friends and family:

I am extremely ambitious when it comes to my career. I love what I do and I work hard. In fact, I’ve been accused of being a work-a-holic! Likewise, when it comes to workouts, I am very consistent, disciplined and hardly ever miss a workout. I like to challenge myself with various physical adventures and I love the feeling of really exerting myself. And for my kids, I am an energetic mom that likes to play and do fun things with the kids.

But for some reason, as soon as I enter the kitchen, I become the most lazy, lethargic, unmotivated person around! If it takes 20 minutes, forget it. If it requires multiple ingredients, cooking and fire – yeah, that’s not happening. I am the queen of quick and easy in the kitchen. Get me in and get me out as quick as possible. So adhering to a healthy nutrition plan with this type of mind-set can pose a challenge. But I’ve learned to accept who I am and work around my little limitation which brings me to today’s nutrition point to get you looking and feeling great for the holidays.

Nutrition Tip: Eat your veggies! We all know we should be eating more vegetables for optimal health and fitness. But for some reason the act of cleaning and chopping veggies for 10 minutes or so is just too much of an effort for me to fathom (but working out for 2 hours – no problem…Go figure?!) so I purchase a lot of my veggies already pre-washed and cut and ready to eat. Sure, they cost a lot more but because I do this both myself and my kids eat a ton more vegetables. So if you’re lazy in the kitchen like me maybe this approach would work for you too! Another quick and easy way to ensure you’re getting enough veggies is a product called “Greens Plus”. It’s a blend of 29 nutrient-rich Superfoods, Sea Vegetables and Herbal Extracts that you mix with water or juice that gives you a nice little extra insurance. You can pick up a jug of this at most health food stores or the health food section of your grocery store.

Exercise Tip: Make some Muscle – Strength training is the true fountain of youth! When you lose muscle mass so many other health variables are negatively affected including your strength, endurance, tone, posture, bone density, metabolism, body composition and more. So commit to hitting the weights at least two times per week and watch your whole body change!

Yours in health and fitness,

Sherri McMillan

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