Exercise and nutrition tips to help you lose weight and lean up for summer

“We have aspects of ourselves hidden deep within, waiting to blossom.” -Ken Dychtwald

I love this quote and I encourage you all to allow your best self to surface and shine bright for all to see. By doing so you will inspire others to reach for their best!

I wanted to send you the last few posts to add to your 8 week “New Year, New You” program.

First, click on the link below for an extensive shopping list that you should take with you on your next grocery store trip.  These are items to stock in your fridge and cupboards to help you look better and increase your energy levels.


Click on the link below for Week Seven’s exercise and nutrition tips.


Click on the link below for the final week of exercise and nutrition tips.


Stay tuned for the next “Spring Training” series.

Yours in health and fitness,

Sherri McMillan


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