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Celebrate Without The Hangover

August 28, 2012



Labor Day weekend is such a great time for barbecues, back yard parties and celebrating the end of summer. Many times with these celebrations come alcoholic drinks and then sometimes that darn hangover the next day. Of course, I don’t encourage over induldging in a alcoholic drinks, but if you find yourself at a party with a drink in your hand…here are a couple things you can do to avoid feeling lousy the next day.  Remember, hangovers can mean missing a workout the next day and that is never good!

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10 Tips For Quick & Effective Workouts

August 20, 2012

Are you one of those people that says you are too busy to workout?  We hear that from clients all the time, but guess what?  Myself and my team of the worlds best personal trainers have become experts in helping really busy people commit to their health and fitness so they can look and feel their best……and I am going to share our tips with you!

Here is a list of 10 top quick and effective workouts that you can do no matter how busy you are.

  1. Move Your Body Whenever You Can
  2. Avoid Distractions
  3. Go for Intensity
  4. Use Your Whole Body During Workouts
  5. Use Less Rest Between Sets
  6. Less Reps but Higher Intensity
  7. Have a Plan
  8. Manage Your Chit-Chat
  9. Try Early Morning Workouts
  10. Schedule Workouts as Quality Time With Others

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Camping Workouts

August 13, 2012

Lots of kids will be heading back to school over the next few weeks and that means many families will be trying to fit in one last camping trip.  How fun!  I love camping and even though I am far from the comforts of home (and the gym)…I always get a great workout in while I am camping.

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