Look Good For New Years: 3 Weeks Left!

Hopefully you have been doing the workouts I gave you for 5 weeks to go until New Year’s and 4 weeks to go until New Year’s. Now you have 3 weeks left until New Year’s Eve and you want to look smashing right?  Well, this week’s workout will help get you there.

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Start with a short, easy 5-minute warm-up.
Then begin your 20-minute cardio segment involving any activity of your choice such as running, walking, cycling, or stair climbing. Start with 40 seconds at an easy pace and then for 20 seconds pick up the pace and perform a high-intensity interval. Perform this set 20 times for a 20-minute workout. Do this workout three times this week on alternating days.

Quad stance — opposite arm and leg lift:

Get onto all fours — hands and knees. Be sure that your hands are positioned under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Keep your abdominals contracted throughout the entire exercise and your back stable. Slowly, while not moving your back and keeping your neck neutral, lift one arm and the opposite leg. Think about lengthening your limbs rather than lifting as high as you can. Repeat 8-10 times on each side.

Squat + overhead shoulder press:

Start standing with your feet between hip- and shoulder-width apart. Hold a set of hand-weights at shoulder height. Set your posture by contracting your abdominals, pressing your chest out and up and your shoulders back and down. Start by slowly squatting backward while keeping your knee caps pointing forward. Lower until your upper thighs are parallel to the floor or to a comfortable position. You’ll notice that your upper body will come forward slightly. Now slowly extend back upward while lifting the weights over your head. Perform 8-12 reps per set.

Lunge and lift + lateral shoulder raise:

Start with one leg positioned in front of the other in a stride position and holding hand-weights at your sides. Keep your abdominals contracted and maintain good posture. Your front knee should remain above your front foot throughout the exercise, and this front leg should take the majority of your body weight and be your working leg. Start by slowly lowering into a lunge position until your front thigh is parallel to the floor or until you hit a comfortable position. Now slowly extend back upward, pushing off the front leg until you are fully upright and balanced on the front leg. While pushing upward, simultaneously lift your hand-weights to the side until they are at shoulder height. Then slowly lower back into the lunge position and release your arms to the side. Perform 8-10 reps on each leg.

Happy Holidays!

Yours in Health & Fitness,
Sherri McMillan


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