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The Limitations of Yoga

July 31, 2013

SONY DSCThe popularity of Yoga exercise has increased dramatically as many celebrities swear of its effectiveness.  But the classical techniques of yoga are not just the latest, trendiest workout; they in fact, date back more than 5,000 years. Yoga, which means “to join or yoke together,” is a system of physical exercise or postures, controlled breathing and meditation, which bring the body and mind together into one harmonious experience.   Lately the scientific research on Yoga has been enormous (well over 2000 studies) which explains why it’s been able to stick around and endure the test of time. The lists of benefits seem endless and include…..

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Stick to Your Workout Routine

July 21, 2013

PushUps1_t600Here we are mid-summer and many of you are probably beginning to lose your desire to stick to your workout routine.

Many people wonder what happened to the energy and the zest they had in early spring.

Well, you’re not alone.  A lot of people get zealous when the sky is blue, the sun starts shining and the days get longer.  But many soon find themselves dragging and finding reasons to skip workouts just a few months later.  The key to sticking to any fitness program is finding an activity that you enjoy enough to do regularly – that means months and years after you originally set your goals, you’re still going at it.  When deciding whether an activity is the right one for you ask yourself some of the following questions:

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Starting and Sticking To It!

July 15, 2013

vsitrotation2As a Personal Trainer, I understand that the actual physical fitness program we design for our clients is only a small part of our job.  Our most important role is helping our clients actually DO the program.

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Eating Healthy on Your Summer Schedule

July 8, 2013



Eating healthy on your summer schedule is doable!

Summer holidays, kid’s clinics and camps, travel plans, camping, and more!  We can appreciate that summer life can be so busy that it becomes difficult to stick to a healthy eating plan.  Here are some ideas for those of you always on the go:

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Exercising while Camping or at the Cottage

July 3, 2013

It’s typical at this time of year to have to deal with fitting in workouts while at the beach or away on holidays. Most people decide to take a 2 month sabbatical because they can’t seem to find the time to get to a gym but it doesn’t have to be this way. You can give your body an amazing workout with no equipment whatsoever. There are literally hundreds of exercises you can do to target all muscle groups. So, as we tell our clients, no excuses gang!

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