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Partner Training – Week 4

February 29, 2016

Partner Training – Week 4 Boxing Drills to do with your partner for active, quality time!

Last week we learned some important technique tips for some basic punches that you can do with your partner for an active and fun workout together.

Today we introduce you to some fun drills for combining some of those basic punches.

When beginning any of the following drills, remember that you should have first practiced and mastered your technique for each individual punch. Then begin by practicing each particular drill in slow motion with no power so you can each learn where you need to be punching and where the pads need to held in order to safely and effectively execute the drill. As you each feel more comfortable, you can start adding a little more power and speed.

It would also be very helpful to invest in a private session with a trainer who specializes in boxing technique to ensure you are both punching and using the pads correctly.

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Partner Training – Week 3

February 22, 2016

boxing_client_sherriPartner Training – Week 3 – Box it out for quality time getting fit together!

Boxing together as a couple is a great way to get an awesome workout and let off a little steam. 

So the next time you’re about to engage in a ‘heated discussion’, instead, try throwing on the gloves.

You’ll be laughing and having fun and will soon forget what the issue was in the first place!

Here’s some technique pointers:

First, you’ll each want to work on mastering your technique before you start getting fancy. In general you want to remember that when boxing with gloves and pads the idea is not to ‘kill’ your partner with the hardest punch you can muster up. Instead you should focus on accuracy, speed and technique. Save your power for a punching bag – that will save your partner’s shoulders and minimize injuries. Read more on Partner Training – Week 3…

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Partner Training – Week 2

February 18, 2016

Partner Training – Week 2 – Quality Time Getting Fit Together!

Exercise Tubing is a great tool for Partner Training.  You can pick up a variety of tubes of various resistance levels each for about $10-$20 at your local sporting good store.

IMG_1050IMG_1052IMG_1055Squat & Mid-Row:

Stand facing your partner.  Wrap one tube around the other tube and then hold one handle in each of your hands.  Back away from each other your arms are fully extended and until there is some resistance on the tube.  Begin in a squat stance with feet between hip and shoulder width apart.  Slowly pull the tube, leading with your elbows, driving them backwards.  As you’re rowing backwards, pinch your shoulder blades together and towards the ground.  As you release your arms forward, you will squat towards the ground.  Complete 1 set of 8-20 reps.  This is a great exercise to help improve posture.

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Partner Training – Get Fit Together!

February 9, 2016

1069791_10152182794893607_1500540039_nIn modern day society, people are torn between having enough time to complete work-related projects, spend time with their loved ones and take good care of themselves.  Why not be more efficient in your pursuits – spend quality time with your sweetie or friends while helping each other stay healthy and fit! 

This next series will focus on Partner training and include a variety of exercises and stretches that you can do together. Adhering to this program together will benefit all areas of your life including your marriage, friendship, family or working relationship!   Keep in mind you can do these exercises with anyone – spouse, best friend, co-worker or relative.

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