Partner Training – Week 7

Partner Training – Week 7 Medicine Ball Training with Your Partner for Active, Quality Time!

Working out with a partner is fun, challenging and because your buddy is counting on you, it’s great for helping you both stick to your workout routine. Here are a few more exercises you can add to your Partner Training program. Review past blogs for technique tips and training suggestions.

Partner Shuffle Drill:

IMG_1192 2Stand facing your partner. Shuffle for about 10 feet going one way while simultaneously tossing the medicine ball back and forth to your partner. Repeat going the opposite direction. Continue for 60-120 seconds.

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Squat + Granny Shot:

IMG_1247mIMG_1249mStart by standing with your feet wider than your hips and your feet turned out slightly. Hold the medicine ball in front of your body with arms straight to the ground. Set your posture by contracting your abdominals, pressing your chest out and up and your shoulders back and down. Start by squatting upwards while simultaneously throwing the ball to your partner similar to a basketball “Granny shot”. Your partner catches the ball and throws it back to you. Continue for 60-120 seconds

Partner Sprint n’ Roll:

IMG_1282IMG_1274Stand side by side with your partner. You start by rolling the ball forwards on a diagonal so that it will intersect your partner’s path. You and your partner both sprint forward. Your partner catches up to the ball and rolls it forward and diagonally into your path. Continue sprinting and rolling for 60-120 seconds going each way.

V-sits with Rotation & Pass to Partner

IMG_1291IMG_1290Sit on the floor about one to two feet away from your partner with your knees bent. Sit upright with perfect posture and abdominals contracted tightly throughout the entire exercise. Start by holding the medicine ball into your chest. Now you and your partner recline back a few inches while maintaining perfect posture. Hold that position while you both rotate one way and then the other.  Return back to the starting position and once you’re upright, throw the ball to your partner.  Your partner will catch it and you’ll both repeat the exercise. Repeat for 30-90 seconds.

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