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Try Two-a-Days to Ramp Up For Summer!

May 30, 2017

Sherri Run Vancouver April 2017We are about a month away from the official launch of summer and with all this beautiful weather, everyone is starting to realize that they don’t have a lot of time before they are sporting minimal clothing and swim wear!

As a result, many people are ramping up their exercise programs and Two-a-Days are definitely one way to take your fitness to a whole new level and get in great shape right in time for summer.

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OPT OUTDOORS – Amazing benefits of exercising outside

May 22, 2017

A18275241_10154325949636946_8046380314118133113_ns the days are getting longer and warmer, it’s much easier to find the motivation to get outside and walk, cycle, hike the trails or workout at the park. Taking that initiative to #OPTOUTDOORS may provide even more health benefits than you thought!

Here’s some interesting side effects of exercising in the elements:

  1. Exercising outdoors is good for your body AND your mind! One study found that outdoor exercise was associated with increased energy as well as decreased anger and depression as compared to indoor exercise.
  2. Exercising outdoors may increase your consistency! Outdoor exercisers reported enjoying their workouts more and said they were more likely to repeat the workouts than those exercising indoors. Another study found subjects reaped more benefits from outdoor workouts and were significantly more likely to adhere to their training programs than those who did their exercise indoors.
  3. Exercising outdoors may boost self-esteem! One study found that working out in nature can improve self-esteem Furthermore, researchers found that low-intensity exercise outdoors had the biggest positive effects so you don’t have to go hard to reap the benefits.
  4. Exercising outdoors provides the benefits of Vitamin D! Exposure to sunlight is critical to Vitamin D production which is important to our overall health and functioning and can help you sleep better, improve your immunity and increase endorphins – those feel-good hormones!
  5. Exercising outdoors can burn more calories and provide more physiological benefits! Running on a treadmill or cycling on a bike is just not the same as doing the real thing. When you have to deal with different terrain, elevation and wind, your body is going to have to work harder!

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WHY Crossing The FINISH LINE Changes you!

May 15, 2017

GF_2016_FinishlineThe number one reason people will consult with a trainer is to help them lose weight. I like to take a different approach to weight loss. Let me explain.

Many people take this approach – ‘As soon as I lose the weight or get fit, then I’ll start doing the things I’ve always wanted to do”. But I like to take the opposite approach.

First, set the goal and in the process of training for the event or activity you’ve always wanted to do, you lose the weight and get fit! 

And it’s such a positive, motivating focus. For example, let’s say you set a goal of finishing a 5km fun run. Setting this kind of goal, because it has a deadline, provides a compelling reason to stick to the program and not miss workouts. In contrast, if your goal is to lose 10 pounds in 2 months, if you get off track, you can negotiate with yourself and say, “Well, I guess I can wait an additional week or two to achieve my goals.”  But if you get off track with your training program while preparing for an event, you can’t call a race organizer and ask them to postpone the event because you aren’t going to be ready. You will realize that every workout or skipped workout will either positively or negatively affect your performance and your ability to achieve your goal.

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High Intensity Training Is NOT Where It’s At!

May 8, 2017

Sherri_Gorge_Yoga_42017With the popularity of CrossFit, Bootcamps, Tabata and other high intensity formats, it can seem like the only way to train is a high intensity format. However, that’s just not the case!

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Toning and conditioning muscles — adding order to your workouts

May 2, 2017

Last week we reviewed a technique for ordering your workouts that provides a very user-friendly way for anyone to design and experience a full body muscle and cardio workout. The response has been great so today, we decided to review some other important guidelines so you can assure each of your muscle conditioning workouts is super effective.

Large Before Small

stabilityballbenchpressb(2)First off, the textbook correct way to train your muscles is to start with the larger muscle groups first and then finish with the smaller muscle groups. This means, for example, for your upper body you would perform all your back and chest exercises first, then finish with the shoulders, biceps and triceps. Basically, you would do all your full body, integrated movements first and then you can focus on isolating smaller muscle groups. If you don’t’ have a ton of time, focus on those compound movements like squats, lunges, rows, pulls, presses and pushes, because they use your large muscles as your primary movers and your smaller muscle groups still work to assist so you get the most bang for your buck!

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