Get Results For New Years

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to be celebrating in Times Square, Las Vegas, Sydney or Maui — you’re going to want to look your very best to bring in the new year. We’ve only got five weeks, so we’ve got to get to it.

sherri sideplankb t640 300x141 Get Results For New YearsBut I’m also aware of the fact that we’re heading into the holiday season, and most of you are going to struggle to try and fit in your workouts on top of all the parties and shopping and other commitments. So the workout I’m designing is going to focus on getting results in the most time-efficient manner. Read the rest of Get Results For New Years

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Holidays – Reduce Stress

holidaystress 200x300 Holidays   Reduce StressWhether or not you buy into the holiday season, we all probably experience some level of stress at this time of year. Here’s how to ensure the holidays don’t get you down.

Exercise: Bet you guessed this would be at the top of my list. Exercise is the best de-stressor at any time of year and this still holds true during the holidays. But don’t get yourself worked up if you can’t keep up with your regular fitness regime. Instead, set some minimums. For example, instead of following your regular five workouts a week, over the holidays it’s OK to allow yourself to drop back to two to three workouts a week to maintain your fitness. Or, instead of your usual hour-plus routines, opt for a quick 30-minute express workout. This will keep your energy levels up and you won’t feel like you’ve got to start all over in the new year.

Nutrition: It’s perfectly OK Read the rest of Holidays – Reduce Stress

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Proactive Thanksgiving!

Healthy Thanksgiving 300x249 Proactive Thanksgiving!

It’s estimated that the average American can consume 5,000-plus calories on Thanksgiving Day. Most people enjoy a bigger-than-usual breakfast, Thanksgiving meal — and we can’t forget the leftovers later in the evening. Now if you were an Olympic athlete, this wouldn’t be too much of a problem. But since the only activity most people do on Thanksgiving is the walk from the kitchen to the TV, Thanksgiving can wreak havoc on your health.

This year, I’m going to help you be more proactive:


  • Schedule the meal earlier in the day. Thanksgiving Dinner between 2 and 5 p.m. will allow some time for the body to digest the heavy meal before you hit the sack.
  • Minimize the carb overload.
  • While guests are arriving, have a vegetable platter available for them to munch on.
  • Serve a delicious soup as the appetizer.
  • Serve a beautiful salad.
  • Serve two or three different types of vegetables at the table.
  • Use skim or semi-skim milk for all your recipes.
  • Serve water with dinner.
  • Desert: Yes, you can have it, but before dessert is served, insist everyone go for a beautiful walk around the neighborhood. My theory is dessert is OK, but you’ve got to earn it!
  • Get your workout in: Head to the gym for a quick workout or take a run, walk or bike ride around the neighborhood.

So get planning and this year you will feel the best you ever have on Thanksgiving!

Want more details on these tips?  Read my latest column in the Columbian “Thanksgiving Can be Healthful and Fun

Still hungry for more healthy Thanksgiving ideas?  I give a great receipe in this past blog post or watch my pumpkin workout video HERE.

Yours in Health & Fitness,
Sherri McMillan


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TD HanddrawnArrows41 300x285 Proactive Thanksgiving!

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This Workout Is Legit!

I have spent hours and hours coming up with THE BEST total body workout that you will ever find!

pumpkin 300x151 This Workout Is Legit!

Got your attention yet?

We are so excited to be launching the revolutionary new PUMPKIN WORKOUT.  This workout is going to change your body and CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Be one of the first in the whole world to get a glimpse at this workout that is going to be the latest rage! Be sure to turn your volume up on your computer and watch with your entire family!

0 This Workout Is Legit! Read the rest of This Workout Is Legit!

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Exercises For Skiing and Snowboarding

Snow, snow, snow on the mountains. For many of us in the Northwest, the only thing that can get us through the wet months that lay ahead is knowing that if it’s raining down here, it’s snowing in the mountains!

Skiing and snowboarding are amazing sports and they are very intense.  Be prepared to hit the mountain with some strength this winter.  Try these workouts to get you there!

sherri lateralshuffle t600 300x196 Exercises For Skiing and Snowboarding

After a light warm-up, do these exercises below 3 times per week on alternating days. Do each of the four exercises for one minute with a 30 second table top in between each exercise. That will take you about 6 minutes. Take a 2 minute break, and then do it again. It will only take you 15 minutes, but it should be a fast-paced, intense workout to make it count. Be sure to fit in Read the rest of Exercises For Skiing and Snowboarding

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Find Your Indoor Workout Sweet Spot

In the summer, I’m always outside — cycling, running and hiking — but as the weather gets a little colder and the nights a little darker, I find I spend a lot less time outdoors.

Although I still get outdoors to run (because I have the right gear!), during the fall and winter months I like to start taking more indoor classes, using my indoor rock climbing membership at The Source rock climbing gym more and ramp up my weight training.

Here are a few of my favorite resistance training exercises:

2210 Chin ups2 t6001 175x300 Find Your Indoor Workout Sweet SpotUpper Body: Assisted Chin-ups

(You can use a Gravitron so you don’t need to pull your full body weight).  As you pull with your arms, your body will lift upward. Stop once your chin has cleared the bar. Slowly return to the starting position. Attempt to achieve full range of motion without locking out on your elbows. Try to focus on pulling with the muscles in your back rather than your arms. Perform a set of eight to 12 reps. Read the rest of Find Your Indoor Workout Sweet Spot

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Post Race Muscle Relief

We hosted the 6th annual Girlfriends Half Marathon yesterday where close to 3,000 women ran 13.1 miles to raise money for breast cancer and other local charities.  What an amazing and inspirational day and I feel great…well except I am a little tight.  I know that there were LOTS of half marathons this past weekend all across the country and I bet I am not the only one that is feeling a little stiff and tight.

Sherri Foam Roller 288x300 Post Race Muscle Relief

Let me help you!  Have you ever tried using a foam roller to stretch and release muscle aches and pains?  Self-myofascial release using a foam roller is a perfect way to help release tight areas for runners and athletes of all kinds!

Here are my favorite myofascial release techniques:

IT band: Lie on your right side supported by your right elbow and maintain your head in neutral and ears aligned with shoulders. Place the roller under your right thigh and place your left leg over and in front of your right leg. Roll just below hip joint down the lateral thigh to the knee.

Piriformis/glutes: Sit on the full roller and cross your right ankle over your left knee. Roll on the right hip area while pulling the right knee toward the opposite shoulder to increase the stretch. Read the rest of Post Race Muscle Relief

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They Like Spiders Too!

Halloween candy is yummy, but kids like spiders too…spider rings that is.  The truth is that, although kids love to get candy, many of them would like just as much to get some spinder rings 300x300 They Like Spiders Too!cool new Halloween pencils or pens, spooky stickers, tattoos, or spider rings.  Or you can even try one of these options:

Mini rice cereal bites.
Packages of trail mix.
Cereal or energy bars
Small boxes of raisins.
Small packages of dried fruit.
Sugar-free gum.
Mini juice boxes.

You may not be the “coolest” parent on the block, but  at least you can feel good about the fact that you’re not sending your neighbors’ kids into sugar oblivion!

Here are some other tips to putting a limit on the sugar factor around your house… Read the rest of They Like Spiders Too!

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Change Your Nutritional Habits. Really.

We are all human and creatures of habit…right?  Yes, that is correct, but we have often formed habits that aren’t necessary and we only do them because that is the way we have always done things.

habit 300x239 Change Your Nutritional Habits. Really.This is all very true for nutritional habits and I want to help you get a handle on your nutritional habits by explaining exactly how to change them.  Really!

The first step to getting control of these nutritional habits is to become aware of your patterns.
A journal that tracks your exercise and dietary habits will help you examine your behaviors. Once you discover what actually stimulates your less-than-healthy behavior, you then have the choice of either changing the stimulus or situation, or changing your response to the stimulus or situation. Review the following examples to help clarify the action steps. Read the rest of Change Your Nutritional Habits. Really.

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Even I Don’t Wake Up Looking Like Cindy Crawford

Healthy Tradition of Women 300x203 Even I Dont Wake Up Looking Like Cindy Crawford

Hard to believe…I know icon smile Even I Dont Wake Up Looking Like Cindy Crawford

The truth is that Cindy Crawford was once quoted as saying, “Even I don’t wake up looking like Cindy Crawford!”

Often people have very unrealistic expectations of the type of body they would like to achieve. They often refer to popular magazines to determine their ideal body. But they are ignorant to the fact that many of the models are 23 percent underweight to begin with, have been made-up for hours, enhanced with camera tricks, and still, once the photos are developed, the pictures are cropped, airbrushed and manipulated by computer to produce a very unrealistic, unhealthy, so-called “perfect” image.

It’s very important for you to examine your genetics and to understand that fat loss is dependent on your genetic breakdown. About half of fatness is genetically determined. You can’t change this!

So examine your parents and your family to determine the types of expectations you can place upon yourself. Some people have good genes and have it easy in terms of maintaining an ideal body weight. And others have to work a lot harder. But at the end of the day, you make the choice to do the work necessary to look good, feel great and live life to the fullest! Read the rest of Even I Don’t Wake Up Looking Like Cindy Crawford

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