Super Busy But Still Fit!

pushupplanka(1)It seems that most people in our society report they are busier than ever and are having a difficult time managing work, family, social, fitness and more. In fact, a self-reported lack of time is the number one reason someone won’t start or will stop an exercise program. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in a day to get everything done!  Fortunately, that’s exactly what we specialize in at NWPT – helping really busy people commit to their health and fitness so they can look and feel their best. You can be super busy but still fit!

Regardless of how busy you are, anyone can make that commitment to their health and fitness.  If you need convincing remember this…make the time for exercise now, or you will be forced to make the time for illness later!  And your health is your number one asset so no excuses!Here are some quick and easy tips for fitting exercise into your life when you are super busy:

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Move Your Body: Read the rest of Super Busy But Still Fit!

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Should You Exercise When You’re Sick?!

I am writing this article flying at 30,000 feet on my way to Washington DC for the IDEA Personal Training summit. I woke up yesterday with a very sore throat and thought it would be a great opportunity to talk about exercising when you’re sick.

So…should you exercise when you’re sick?!

termometerWe’re deep into the cold and flu season and if you haven’t caught a bug yet you no doubt have friends, family or colleagues who may be sending germs in your direction. The question is – can you keep exercising when you’re sick?  Although more research is needed in this area, the general guideline is that if you have symptoms of a common cold with no fever and all your symptoms are above the neck, moderate exercise like walking should be ok. However, if your symptoms include fever, extreme tiredness, muscle aches or swollen lymph glands, you should refrain from exercise until you get better. When you do start exercising again, progress slowly and gently. And keep in mind, even if you do have to take a few days off because you’re feeling under the weather, it really won’t make that big of a difference to your overall fitness level if you’re consistent with your program the rest of the time.

Are you being lazy or do you need the rest? Read the rest of Should You Exercise When You’re Sick?!

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Drink a Gallon of Water?

Ever wondered why you are always told to drink lots of fluids? Here is a question I received asking if we should really drink a gallon of water per day!

water“I just read that we should drink a gallon of water per day to maximize fat loss.  Was this a misprint? I picture myself on the restroom all day from drinking all that water. Please clarify. Thank you for your great articles!”  M.H.

Did you know that 50-70% of our total body weight is water? The brain is composed of 70 percent water, lungs are nearly 90 percent water and our blood is about 83 percent water, which helps digest our food, transport and eliminate waste and toxins, mobilize fat, and control body temperature. Think of it this way, every tissue cell, organ and system is comprised of water and functions optimally only in the presence of adequate hydrationSo even fat loss will not occur at an optimal rate if you are in a dehydrated state. Plus water helps to Read the rest of Drink a Gallon of Water?

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Eating on The Go


“My life is so busy that I have a hard time eating healthy. Any tips for someone who is trying to eat nutritiously on the go?” P.C.

I can appreciate that sometimes life is so busy that it becomes difficult to stick to a healthy eating plan. Here are some ideas for eating on the go:

Break for breakfast no matter how busy you are. Try these balanced, quick breakfast options: Read the rest of Eating on The Go

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Struggling to Lose Weight and Keep It Off?

WEIGHT-LOSS-PROGRAMWe always have clients that come to us and say that they have been struggling to lose weight and keep it off for a long long time. It doesn’t have to be that way! Here is what I suggest and it really does work!

A common client question: I want to lose 20 pounds but have not been able to lose more than 8 pounds and am struggling because the weight is starting to creep back on! I exercise 6 days per week walking on the treadmill. I was advised to walk at a lower intensity for a longer time – is that good for weight loss? I try and life some weights one to two times a week for 20 minutes. I try to eat approximately 1200 calories but often sugar is my downfall. Any suggestions on what I can do lose the 20 pounds and keep it off?  Please help!  N.D.

As a Personal Trainer, the number one request I get from clients is to help them lose fat. It’s interesting to note that the general public is more health-conscious and the availability of healthy products has increased dramatically and yet, our population continues to get fatter. So why do we continue to gain weight?  Read the rest of Struggling to Lose Weight and Keep It Off?

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The January Fitness Rush

Here are some typical questions that a lot of people have during the January Fitness Rush:

1888584_10151868006186946_936215147_nMy husband and I started a workout program and he is losing so much more fat than I am. We seem to be doing the same amount of exercise and both eating well, but the fat is just falling off him.  What am I doing wrong?  J.C, Vancouver, WA

You’re not doing anything wrong. Men just have it a little easier than women. For one reason, men have a lot more muscle mass than women. Since fat is burned inside of muscle tissue, once they start exercising they become a better fat burning machine.  Secondly, men store the majority of their fat in their abdominal region which has the capacity to turn over and be burned more easily. Women store more fat in their hips and thighs which is more resistant to change.  Keep plugging away and try not to compare yourself to your husband’s results. You’re doing a great thing for yourself and your relationship.

I’ve lost 20 pounds but I’m having such a hard time losing the last 10 pounds. What can I do to get over this plateau?  J.C., Vancouver, WA

You’ll want to do whatever you can to increase your metabolism so that you burn more calories at rest and during exercise. One way to accomplish this is to develop more muscle. Muscle is where fat is burned so the more muscle you have on your body, the easier it is to lose weight.  Be sure to participate in resistance training two to three days per week.  Another way to rev your metabolism is to eat more. Read the rest of The January Fitness Rush

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Achieving Your Fitness Goals in 2015

20140720_0234“Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed.” — Cavett Robert

Well, we are a few weeks past the day when many of us resolved to make some positive changes in our lives. So if you want to be one of those that actually accomplish their goals in 2015, here’s some tips to follow that those who succeed adhere to…Achieving Your Fitness Goals in 2015 IS possible!

Step 1: Set SMART Goals!

Setting goals is the key to success – just ask any successful business person.  But it’s not enough to say, “I want to get into shape”. Effective and realistic goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reward-based and have a Time frame. Here are some examples of SMART goal setting:

  • Run on the treadmill for 20 minutes 3x/week so that by April 1st I’ve completed 25 workouts
  • Register, train for and complete the Couve Clover Run on March 22nd
  • Resistance train every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so that by June 1st I’ve completed 50 workouts
  • Register, train for and complete the Vancouver Half Marathon on June 21st Read the rest of Achieving Your Fitness Goals in 2015
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Is Working Out Making You Hungrier?!

Fruits-and-Vegetables-1024x819Some fitness enthusiasts complain that the more they workout, the hungrier they are and the more they eat counteracting the calories burned during their exercise sessions! A 30 minute workout will burn approximately 300 calories. The bad news is it can take just a few minutes to consume 300 calories.  Some people make the mistake of thinking that since they exercise that gives them free reign to eat whatever they want. Unfortunately that’s not the case. If your goal is to lose weight, you need to practice healthy nutrition and portion control just like everyone else.

So, is working out making you hungrier?

Here are some tips for curbing your appetite when your workouts are making your ravenous.

  • Be sure to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables as this will ensure you’re getting enough nutrients and fiber to keep you full longer and still performing at your best.
  • An easy way to assure a balanced diet is to divide your plate into four parts.  A quarter of the plate will be reserved for a starch (whole grain rice/pasta, bread, wrap), another quarter of the plate will be reserved for protein like chicken, salmon, lean beef or tofu, and the last half of the plate should be reserved for fruits and/or vegetables.
  • Use a smaller plate.  Read the rest of Is Working Out Making You Hungrier?!
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Fitness On A Budget

bridgeb1It’s January and you’ll notice everyone is talking about fitness and New Year’s Resolutions. People are joining gyms, hiring trainers and signing up for specialty classes and programs. That all sounds great if you’ve got limited resources. But what do you do if your budget is a little tight and you need to get fitness on a budget? Well good news, fitness and health is not reserved just to the wealthy! So what do you do to achieve your New Year’s fitness resolutions and battle the bulge even though your wallet is skinny?

Let’s put first things first. The problem with anyone struggling financially is that it’s very easy to give up on making time and the budget for fitness. But fitness should be the last area of your life to put on the back burner and trim from the budget when finances are tight as it’s the very thing that is going to give you the energy and stamina to deal with any struggles you may have. Read the rest of Fitness On A Budget

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Choosing The Right Gym!

download (10)The biggest surge in Fitness Club memberships is always January! After resolving to become more fit and healthy, many people will rely on the assistance of a health club to help get in shape.  Unfortunately, according to IHRSA, the International Health, Racquet & Sports Association, 35% of people who join a fitness club quit each year with the most common reasons being the gym is overcrowded or they are not satisfied with the staff or the programs. So…choosing the right gym makes a huge difference!

Here’s some tips to help you when making your decisions so you are a user not a quitter!

  • Take a tour or ask about a trial workout. Shop around. Don’t just join the first gym you visit – take your time, do your homework and make a wise decision

Equipment usage:

  • If you notice every piece of equipment is being used and there are lots of line-ups, you may want to consider shopping around.  Find out if the gym is always overcrowded or if there are times that are not quite as busy that fit into your schedule.  Also observe the state of the equipment.  Is it properly maintained or are there out-of-order signs posted on numerous machines? Read the rest of Choosing The Right Gym!
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