Get Outside For Your Health

No school, people are working from home and we can’t actually go anywhere and do anything. Everything is virtual and many are opting to place all their orders online and have all their household needs delivered so there’s no reason to leave your home. Some people are literally stuck indoors all day and that is not good for your health.

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“Working From Home” Aches and Pains

If you are a business professional, but your industry has been categorized as non-essential, you’ve probably found yourself working from home. If you are like most people, your new working environment is probably less than ideal. Perhaps you’re hunched over your computer on your couch, in your bed or at your dining room table. Most likely the ergonomics aren’t the best and you’re probably experiencing a lot of aches and pains in your back, hips, neck and shoulders.

Here’s some tips to help ease some of those physical issues:

Get Up Often

You’ve probably heard that sitting is the new smoking so if you sit for extended periods of time, you need to set a timer to assure that you are getting up and moving at least every hour. An Apple watch will remind you on the hour to get up and move which is so critical for circulation and getting your tissues out of those tight and shortened positions. Also, consider investing in a variable desk that will allow you to sit or stand while you work so you can adjust your body’s position. Holding the same posture for extended periods of time is not good for you body and decreases your energy levels.



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Our Kids Are Struggling Through COVID-19

Although most kids probably love that they get to sleep in, many are really struggling right now. They are missing their friends, teachers and social life. Many are struggling with trying to stay focused with online, virtual education. They hear the scary news broadcasts. They listen to adult conversations and can assume the gravity of the situation. Bottom line – they are anxious and experiencing stress at a high level whether they understand that or not. Just like their parents, they need a positive, outlet to manage their emotions and to participate in things that make them feel good.

In addition, since going outside and playing with your friends isn’t encouraged right now, they are stuck at home watching more TV and playing video games which was already a problem before COVID-19 surfaced. The temptation to sink into couch potato-land is a scary reality which is adding to these startling stats:

Children today are approximately 40% less active than they were 30 years ago

40% of children and teens are overweight enough to threaten their future health

40% of children already have at least one risk factor for heart disease and reduced fitness due to an inactive lifestyle

Children spend an average of 26 hours a week watching television and also spend 25-30 hours a week sitting behind a desk


The importance of physical strength, mental health, stress relief and our immune system is critical, now more than ever, for adults and our youth!



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Remember Your WHY!

Gyms, yoga studios and pools are closed. Running and Triathlon races cancelled. It is easy to understand why you may start to lose your motivation to workout.

The key to maintaining your commitment is to remember your ‘WHY’. Why do you work out? Why do you race? When you dig deep into your motivation, you’ll find that COVID-19 should not affect your ability to stay the course, you may just need to use a different mode of ‘transportation’.

What are your goals?

It’s important to remember that the virus has not cancelled your goals. Ask yourself why you exercise, train and race? Most likely you do it to improve your physical strength and endurance, mental health, weight management, stress release and to boost your immune system. Aren’t all of those things still important, and even more so now?

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What’s Better? Working Out at Home or at The Gym?

Fitness Clubs have been closed for 6 weeks due to COVID-19 forcing all exercise enthusiasts to find alternatives to maintain their fitness. Being forced into this situation is challenging for everyone but it does provide the opportunity to highlight the differences and benefits between working out at home and gym workouts.


Working out at home is no longer less expensive than working out at a gym. With clubs like Planet Fitness offering memberships for $10/month, the playing field is level. You can find low cost clubs and high cost fitness clubs. You can participate in low cost at-home workouts like free YouTube videos using no equipment and high cost at-home programming like Peloton or the cost of outfitting your home gym with all the equipment you want. Understand your budget and what you would like to invest in your health and fitness and understand that you can find both at-home and gym workout options within your budget.

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Food & Exercise is Medicine!

You will notice there are many reports suggesting that obesity and poor health are high risk factors to not faring well if infected with COVID-19. This information should be a great motivator to prioritizing your health and fitness. Remember that exercise and food is medicine! Your lifestyle is the number one factor that you can control that will strengthen your immune system and that will impact your ability to fight off any disease.

Here’s some areas to focus on:



Commit to 100 ounces of water each day. Drink water before and with each meal and sip throughout the day. Human beings are 55-75% water and water provides the medium in which all the body’s chemical reactions take place. It is the most vital requirement for human life and overall health.

Eat Your Nutrients

The more you can lean towards a plant-based diet, the better for your overall health. Every ‘diet’ that exists recommends more vegetables so if you can start there regardless of whether you eat meat or carbs, or not, you will be on the right track. Eat a balanced diet that is low in processed foods and high in fiber content. Each macro-nutrient (protein, carbs and fats) all play a critical role in the overall functioning of our body. Any diet that severely restricts any of these nutrients has consequences and is often not sustainable for the long-term. With that said, each of us is different and some of us will respond better with more or less protein, more or less carbs, and more or less fats. The most common recommendations are 45-65% carbohydrate intake, 10-35% protein and 20-35% fat intake for overall health although more recent literature has suggested towards the higher range of protein and the lower range of carbs.

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Workout Tools at Home

Since our training studio has been closed for nearly a month due to COVID-19, I’ve been teaching a lot of virtual online classes and training sessions. It has definitely proven that you don’t need a gym to get a great workout.

There are literally hundreds of muscle and cardio exercises you can do with absolutely no equipment whatsoever. Your body is the best machine and if you were on a deserted island with no access to any exercise equipment, you could still give yourself a fabulous workout.

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Finding a Sense of Calm During COVID-19

We are all navigating these challenging times differently, but one thing that is common among all of us is that….

…..the unknown can be stressful and scary.

Some of us may be in the medical field trying to save lives when we are fully aware of the risks.

Some of us may be working in various other essential services such as grocery store employees, waste management, deliveries, banks, government officials and others working long, stressful hours while being exposed to the public.

Some of us may be teachers trying to learn how to teach our entire curriculum virtually and communicate with students in an effective and efficient way.

Some of us may own businesses that are crumbling before our eyes.

Some of us must work and figure out safe child-care. Some of us are stressed out just trying to keep our families safe.

Some of us are trying to home-school our kids while managing various other responsibilities.

Some of us just want to see our friends and go back to living life.

Some of us may be in toxic home environments where the risks have just escalated.

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Are We On The Verge of a Running Boom?!

We are experiencing a global pandemic with fitness clubs closed and many confined to their homes with very little options for exercise. Fitness enthusiasts, not easily detoured from their commitment to their workouts, are recognizing they still need to do something physical to maintain their physical fitness, stress release, mental health and maintain the strength of their immune system. Some have opted for virtual indoor workouts while others have taken to running outdoors since that is still one of the approved activities during the ‘Stay-at-Home’ order.

We are positioned to experience a massive running boom that would rival the 1970’s Forest Gump surge that had everyone sporting their sneakers and pounding the pavement. Spring is here, summer is on the way and running is a wonderful way to get some fresh air, vitamin D and relieve some stress.

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Bored? Give Me 3 Minutes to a Strong Core!

Most people report that a lack of time is the number one reason they don’t exercise on a regular basis. Well, most can’t use that excuse anymore as many are looking for things to occupy their time during our Stay-at-Home order.

What if I told you that if you gave me just three minutes, three times per week, you would notice considerable improvements to your core strength?!

Strengthening your core is critical for optimal health. If your core is strong, that strength radiates out to your extremities and you will be better able to run faster, jump higher, stabilize and align your body, absorb and brace for any impact and move your body more efficiently and with better mechanics. It’s important to mention that your core is not only your abs – but also includes your back and hips so to strengthen your core effectively you need to work the front, back and sides of your torso.

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