Starting and Sticking To It!

vsitrotation2As a Personal Trainer, I understand that the actual physical fitness program we design for our clients is only a small part of our job.  Our most important role is helping our clients actually DO the program.

That is…starting and sticking to it!  

Everyone knows they should exercise and take better care of themselves but few do.  If you have a desire to initiate a health and fitness program, if you can first focus on changing your mind-set and creating a compelling reason for sticking to the program no matter what other responsibilities surface, you will succeed.  So focusing on developing mental fitness is critical.  All the information and tips are based on Behavioral Change research – there are certain things people who succeed with their health and fitness program do and I want to share this insight with you in hopes of helping you achieve your goals.

First, I want to spend some time discussing the Time issue;

…..that is, a perceived lack of time is one of the most common excuses for not starting or for quitting an exercise program.  But it really does not wash.  I’m telling you right now Read the rest of Starting and Sticking To It!

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Eating Healthy on Your Summer Schedule



Eating healthy on your summer schedule is doable!

Summer holidays, kid’s clinics and camps, travel plans, camping, and more!  We can appreciate that summer life can be so busy that it becomes difficult to stick to a healthy eating plan.  Here are some ideas for those of you always on the go:

You have got to eat breakfast no matter how busy you are. 

Try these balanced, quick breakfast options:

  • Fruit, fruit, fruit – that’s the beauty of summer.  Everything is in season and it tastes great.  As soon as you get home from grocery shopping, cut up watermelon, mango and pineapple so it’s ready to go.  Wash your strawberries, cherries, plums, peaches and nectarines so you can grab and go.
  • Greek yogurt and some mixed raisins, granola and dried fruit
  • Cereal with fruit
  • Toast and fruit
  • Peanut butter and banana sandwich
  • Bagel with cream cheese and a piece of fruit
  • Homemade muffin and a banana
  • Fruit smoothie made from yogurt and fruit

Heading to the beach or sporting clinics?

Here are some easy, lunch ideas to go: Read the rest of Eating Healthy on Your Summer Schedule

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Exercising while Camping or at the Cottage

It’s typical at this time of year to have to deal with fitting in workouts while at the beach or away on holidays. Most people decide to take a 2 month sabbatical because they can’t seem to find the time to get to a gym but it doesn’t have to be this way. You can give your body an amazing workout with no equipment whatsoever. There are literally hundreds of exercises you can do to target all muscle groups. So, as we tell our clients, no excuses gang!

Here are some ideas to help you stay on track:


If you want to maintain your aerobic fitness and keep on burning calories to prevent weight gain, use the outdoors as your playground.  A hike, run, power walk, cycle, or swim can be done pretty much anywhere.  Get up early and take the time for yourself before your kids, friends and family start demanding your energies. You’ll feel so much better for it. And remember, it doesn’t have to be an all-out time consuming workout. Ten minutes may be all you need.  Every little bit counts and something is better than nothing.


The exercise choices are limitless. Lunges, step ups and wall squats are favorite Read the rest of Exercising while Camping or at the Cottage

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Improving Your Body Image

As we get closer and closer to the summer months, more people want to start improving their body image.  Shorts, skirts and tank tops leave little option for covering any ‘flaws’ and many begin setting goals for how they’d like to change their body.

This article was posted a week ago and I was interested to see the response.  Many supported the article and others were very offended.


I read it and although I agree with some aspects, it does not account for genetic factors and individual differences. It is definitely true that some people have it a lot easier than others. They were born with better genetics, stronger metabolism, less fat cells etc.

Before setting any type of weight loss goal, it’s very important for you to examine your genetics and to understand that fat loss is dependent on your genetic breakdown. 

Many researchers believe that approximately 50% of fatness is genetically determined.   Read the rest of Improving Your Body Image

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Run Faster With Track Workouts

Sue Vorenberg recently wrote an article on all the fun runs we can look forward to all summer long in ClarkCounty.

And although most participants are just happy to get to the finish line of these events, but there is a number of people that really want to run faster!


If you want to get fast, you have to train fast.

Makes sense right?  The good news is though, not every workout needs to be a hard, speed workout.  If you incorporate a faster run/walk just 1-2 times per week, you will start to notice you are running (or walking) faster in no time! You just need to improve your leg turnover speed and get your muscles accustomed to contracting more quickly.

So here are a few workouts to help you become speedier for any upcoming events.

First, always warm-up first (1/2 – 1 mile warm-up) or 5-10 minutes of walking first then progressing into light jogging.
And always cool down afterwards (1/2 – 1 mile easy cool down)
Typically, if you are going to go hard, you don’t have to go as long.  So you can get away with 3-4 miles of speed training focusing on quality.


Sample Speed Workouts that you can do on the road or treadmill:

  1. 30 seconds hard / 1.5 minutes moderate x 10-15 repeats for a 20-30 minute workout
  2. 1 minute hard / 4 minute moderate x 4-6 repeats for a 20-30 minute workout
  3. 1 minute hard / 3 minute moderate x 5-8 repeats for a 20-32 minute workout Read the rest of Run Faster With Track Workouts
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Getting Rid of Stomach Fat

SONY DSCSummer is on the way and so, understandably, we get lots of questions from clients wanting to know the best exercise to get rid of stomach fat so they can look their best in their bathing suit.  Unfortunately, and clients never want to hear thisthere is not one specific exercise that will help you get rid of abdominal fat.

You see, this type of localized fat reduction is not possible.  In fact, infomercials or advertisements promising localized fat reduction infuriate fitness professionals who know what is being promised is impossible.  You see, what happens during say, an abdominal crunch, is that as soon as you start crunching, your muscles cry out for energy to perform the movement.  But there is no direct line from the abdominal muscle cells to the abdominal fat cells surrounding them.  So your liver sends some energy, in the form of sugar or fat, to the abdominal muscles.  But that fat could have been sent from your arm, butt or back.  When fat is mobilized from a particular area, it is first sent to the liver to be routed towards its final destination for usage.

So doing abdominal crunches does not mean you are burning stomach fat.  If your abdominal fat is Read the rest of Getting Rid of Stomach Fat

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Need Some Speed!

Need Some Speed!

square drill c_1

Have you ever noticed that as most people age they begin to move more and more slowly?  It seems to take them forever to get out of a chair, walk across the room or bend down to pick something up.  This is because as we age we lose about 7 pounds of muscle each decade.  And this loss is dominated by a loss in the number and size of fast twitch muscle fibers.  These muscle fibers are the ones responsible for allowing an individual to move quickly, and to maintain agility, reaction time, strength and power.  As these fibers atrophy, we find ourselves moving very slowly.  However, the good news is that this loss can be slowed down and some cases, prevented by training your fast twitch muscles.  The rule is “If you don’t use it, you lose it”.  So it’s important to do whatever you can to keep these muscle fibers working so they don’t perceive that they are no longer needed.

Here are some ideas to help you maintain your agility and mobility as you age.
Try to perform one agility drill a few times per week.


Lateral Agility Drill

Position 2 cones, chairs or props a few feet apart.  Now quickly step laterally to the outside of one cone and back to the outside of the other touching down towards the floor or cone on each end.  Try to go as fast as you possibly can.  Continue for 30-60 seconds.


sprint drill b_1

Sprint Drills

Place 3 cones in a straight line each about 25-50 feet apart so that the furthest cone is about 100 feet away from you.  Start the exercise by sprinting or walking fast to the first cone, then shuffle backwards to the starting point.  Then sprint to the second cone, then shuffle backwards to the starting point.  Then sprint all the way to the third cone, then shuffle backwards to the starting point.  Take a short break and then repeat this 3-5x.



square drill c_1

“Rectangle Drill

Place 4 cones in the shape of a rectangle or square with each cone about 30 feet apart from each other.  Start at one corner and sprint to the top of the square.  Then shuffle across the top of the square.  Then back-shuffle.  Then laterally shuffle back to the start.  Do this 3-5x one way.  Take a break and go the other way.

An easy way to incorporate agility training into your training program without even knowing it is by participating in sports like skiing, ice skating, inline skating, squash, tennis, soccer, racquetball, squash, basketball, or volleyball which all involve a high level of agility and speed.  You could also consider enrolling in dance programs like Zumba, Salsa or Ballroom dancing or choreography-based fitness classes like Funk and Hip Hop.  These types of activities will keep you agile and mobile into your later years – and it’s a fun way to achieve these benefits.

Ps. We are hosting the Summer Solstice Amazing Race event to benefit the Clark County Foodbank….a great opportunity to work on your speed!

PS. We are hosting a Triathlon Training Clinic every weekend.  Triathlons are another way to work your entire body, especially your arms!  We will help get you to the finish line.


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Beautiful Arms on a Budget

Beautiful Arms on a Budget

Now that the weather is warmer and we’re wearing a lot less clothing, you may be noticing a little less tone than you’d like in your upper body.  No worries – I’ve got a plan that will get tight, toned and sculpted right in time for summer.  Plus Michelle Obama and various other celebrities have shown us that muscle is the next sexy!

Try the following four exercises, three times per week on alternating days for the next four weeks and you’ll be impressed with the changes to your muscle conditioning.  Say good-bye to flabby arms

Chin Ups:

Chin ups 2(1)Chip ups 1(1)

The chin-up is one of the best upper body exercises and is definitely one of my favorite compound upper body movements.  The problem is most people can’t perform a full chin-up without assistance.

Fortunately, most gyms offer a Gravitron or other Assisted Chin-up machines enabling most people to incorporate chinups into their workout routine because the machines offer assistance.  The model at your gym may be either a stand-up or kneel model and it may either be computerized or involve only a weight stack.  The instructions on the front of the machine will clearly demonstrate how to complete the set-up process.

You will also notice that the chin-up exercise allows you to choose between 3-4 different grips – a wide grip, a mid-grip, a narrow grip and a reverse mid-grip.  We recommend to our clients that they use all the various Read the rest of Beautiful Arms on a Budget

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Best Exercises For Your Hot Legs!

Best Exercises For Your Hot Legs!

Going hand in hand with the hotter days of summer are the shorter shorts and minis, and so naturally at this time of year, we get lots of questions from clients, specifically women, about which exercise is the best one to tone their legs.

stepupa(1)Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a best exercise for any body part.  You see, the best program for sculpting any area is to incorporate a variety of exercises that challenge the muscles in a number of different ways.  And on top of that, you’ll need to regularly change and modify those exercises every 4-8 weeks to ensure regular progress.

Specifically, you should incorporate exercises like lunges, squats, step ups, bridging etc.  And there are a ton of variations within each of these exercises so the key is to mix it up!

Squats, lunges and step ups are really great choices because Read the rest of Best Exercises For Your Hot Legs!

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Cardio to Tighten Those Glutes!

Cardio to tighten those glutes!

Picture 003(1)As the weather warms, it reminds us that beach season is on its way.  Thoughts of swimming suits and bikinis can either excite or frighten you depending on how well you’ve taken care of yourself all winter.  For most women, the area that causes most concern is the fat that seems to deposit around our hips.  For whatever reason, many believe for child bearing and breastfeeding purposes, the fat cells in this area don’t seem to want to give up the fat.  The enzymes that mobilize fat from the fat cells around the hips and send it off to the muscles to be used for energy seem to be dormant.  So what’s a girl to do?

Well, we’ve heard it all before.  Cardio exercise will burn the fat directly and building muscle by lifting weights will tone the muscles in the area and help make you a ‘fat-burning’ machine.  So we’ve gotta be running, walking, cycling, or taking fitness classes 3-5x/week and on top of this, we’ve got to hit the weights 2-3x/week.  But what if you have a life outside of exercise?! Adherence to this kind of an aggressive program may seem challenging.  Luckily, there is a way you can burn body fat and tone the buttock muscles simultaneously.  There are certain cardio activities that target the gluteal (butt) muscles very well.  A program that includes these butt-busting activities will develop tone in this problem area like you’ve only imagined.

Get outside and enjoy the fresh air.


If you analyze the body’s movements during hiking Read the rest of Cardio to Tighten Those Glutes!

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