Exercises for soccer players

Soccer players are amazing athletes possessing exceptional speed, agility and kicking, jumping and throwing power. The following drills will enhance performance in all components of the game.  Click on the link below for photos and descriptions of all exercises.




Exercises for baseball players

Baseball, a favorite American summer activity for kids and adults, requires speed, throwing power and batting strength. Click on the link below to learn exercises to enhance performance and minimize injury.


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Join me at the pool?

Heading down to your local community pool for a relaxing swim is an activity that many look forward to. But if want to swim with more strength and greater efficiency and avoid feeling like you’re about to drown, click on the link below for some exercises to improve your swimming performance.


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Are you inline?

Many people are nervous initially to in-line skate because of a fear of falling. But if you spend some time working on your balance, you can feel confident strapping on a pair of skates and cruising to an awesome workout for your hips and thighs.

Get your leg and buttock muscles conditioned beforehand, and you’ll be able to skate for miles along the Columbia River, Salmon Creek, Discovery or Padden Parkway trails before you get fatigued and have to stop. Here are a few activity-specific exercises and balance drills to help you gain confidence in a unstable sport. Click on the link below for exercises and photos.


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Take a Hike!

There’s nothing like fresh mountain air and beautiful terrain. But hiking can be hard on your body and knees if you’re not conditioned — especially with the challenging inclines around the Columbia River Gorge, Mount St. Helens and Mount Hood. So try some of the following exercises to get you in tip-top hiking shape. Click on the link below for exercises and photos.


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ps.  If you live in the Portland Oregon / Vancouver WA area, please join us for our Hiking Club.  Details can be found at





Up Your Tennis Game

If you’re into tennis but haven’t done any pre-conditioning before you play your first match, you could be in for some disappointing performances, not to mention injuries.

On the other hand, if you follow an effective training program, you can expect improved technique and power, making you a better athlete. You’ll also avoid common tennis injuries, which mostly result from overuse, improper mechanics and a lack of sufficient flexibility and strength.

Go HERE to read my suggestions on getting ready for a strong tennis season!



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Spring Training to Lower your Golf Score

Spring is in the air, and many of us are now realizing summer is on its way. Tennis, cycling, jogging, golfing, in-line skating, baseball, swimming, hiking … I can’t wait!

With the longer days, many of us have a renewed sense of energy. So, along with the spring cleaning you may be tackling around the house, it’s time to get your body in tip-top shape if you want a fun-filled summer. Over the next several weeks, I will provide a number of exercises to prepare you for your favorite summer activities. Today we’ll begin with golf.

Click below for a list of critical exercises and a photo gallery for golfers.


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Laws of Success with your exercise and nutrition program

Spring is on the way and the longer days give many people a renewed sense of energy and many will start a spring training program.  But did you know that 70% of people who start an exercise program drop out within the first two to three months?  These are not good odds!  It’s now widely accepted that the problem has nothing to do with the person but rather with the process.  You see, most people who want to start exercising just start.  Imagine if you wanted to build a house.  You’d start out with an architectural plan first to know exactly what you wanted your house to look like.  Or what if you wanted to start a business?  The banks would require a business plan first, right?  They’d want to ensure that you’ve really thought it through carefully and you’ve got a good plan to enhance success.  Well, these same guidelines apply to exercise.  You’ve got to have a plan for success.  This is why the first few months of your fitness experience are so important.  This is when most people drop out.  You definitely want to focus on getting past this initial stage to the point where you’re experiencing great results – and that alone, will help to motivate you to keep going.  The problem is most people stop exercising before they even had the chance to see the changes to their body.  Let’s not let that happen to you!

After working with various clients for a number of years, I’ve noticed a  number of characteristics that separate those who succeed with their fitness program from those who do not.  Those who succeed buy into the “Four Laws of Success”.  You must be ready to accept these laws without exception.

Read the rest of Laws of Success with your exercise and nutrition program

Exercise and nutrition tips to help you lose weight and lean up for summer

“We have aspects of ourselves hidden deep within, waiting to blossom.” -Ken Dychtwald

I love this quote and I encourage you all to allow your best self to surface and shine bright for all to see. By doing so you will inspire others to reach for their best!

I wanted to send you the last few posts to add to your 8 week “New Year, New You” program.

First, click on the link below for an extensive shopping list that you should take with you on your next grocery store trip.  These are items to stock in your fridge and cupboards to help you look better and increase your energy levels.


Click on the link below for Week Seven’s exercise and nutrition tips.


Click on the link below for the final week of exercise and nutrition tips.


Stay tuned for the next “Spring Training” series.

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Week 6 of the “New Year, New You” health, fitness and nutrition program

“The greatest irritant to most people is not a lack of money or status, but ill health. Nothing shines brightly if we do not feel well…” – Margaret Stortz

The quote above is so true. The very person who is too busy to exercise but then is hospitalized for a triple bypass surgery and who is no longer able to take care of work or family responsibilities and their life is never the same is the very same person who wishes he would have taken the time to exercise and take better care of himself. So if you’re not doing it now, start your journey to a better life today.

Click on the link below for excellent exercise and nutrition tips to help you look and feel your best!


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