Summer Time Exercise Swaps

The reality is that during the summer between kids being out of school, vacations, camping and such, it’s difficult to get to the gym as frequently. But no one likes to start over so here’s some Exercise Swaps you can do so it won’t feel like you’re starting from scratch come fall.

Week 1 step ups1Swap Leg Press for Step Ups

You can find a bench, staircase or elevated surface pretty much anywhere. So when you can’t get to the gym to perform a couple sets of Leg Press, replace with a Single Leg Step Up. It will work the same muscles in a slightly different way.



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Spring Into Baseball

Baseball, a favorite American summer activity for kids and adults, requires speed, throwing power and batting strength. Try the following exercises to develop your skills in these areas.

IMG_1167Medicine Ball Side Tosses:

This is a great exercise to develop batting power. Stand sideways to a wall or partner. Hold the medicine ball with both hands and position both hands to the side of your body opposite to your partner or wall. Now throw the medicine ball. Catch and repeat for 30-60 seconds each side.


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Spring Into Inline Skating

We are fortunate here in Clark County to have many opportunities to Inline skate on paved trails away from traffic…. along the Columbia River Waterfront Trail, Salmon Creek Trail, Discovery Trail or Padden Parkway. Many people are nervous initially to inline skate because of a fear of falling. But if you spend some time working on your balance, you can feel confident strapping on a pair of Inline skates and cruising to an awesome workout for your hips and thighs. Get your leg and buttock muscles conditioned beforehand and you’ll be able to skate for miles before you fatigue and have to stop.

Here are a few activity-specific exercises and balance drills to help gain your confidence in an unstable sport.


One Legged Stance

Begin by standing on one foot.  Slowly bend your knee lowering your body a few inches and then back up again.  Make sure your knee points straight ahead and maintain proper, upright posture throughout the entire exercise.  If you balance isn’t very good to begin with, you may want to have something sturdy close by to hang onto in case you lose your balance.  Perform 13-20 reps each leg.  You can do this exercise while brushing your teeth, talking on the phone or making dinner – that way you’ll easily fit it into your day. As you get better, try this exercise with your eyes closed, which would display a more advanced level of balance (not while cooking though :))

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Spring Into Tennis

Whether you’re a competitive or recreational player, tennis is such a fun activity to do with friends and family when the weather is nice. If you’re a strong player but haven’t done any pre-conditioning before you play your first match, you could be in for some disappointing performances, and if you’re not conditioned at all, you could put yourself at risk for injury.

On the other hand, if you follow an effective training program, you can expect improved technique and power, making you a better athlete. You’ll also avoid common tennis injuries, which mostly results from overuse, improper mechanics and a lack of sufficient flexibility and strength.

By strengthening the muscles surrounding typical injury sites, you can strengthen the area and enable it to withstand the repetitive stresses associated with tennis. Pre-conditioning also allows you to handle longer matches at a higher level of intensity without getting winded. Read the rest of Spring Into Tennis

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Spring Into Swimming

Heading down to your local community pool or outdoors for a relaxing swim is an activity that many look forward to. Swimming is a fabulous low-impact cardiovascular workout that definitely will strengthen and tone your entire body – upper body, lower body & core! Most of us probably learned how to swim when we were younger and yet, most adults find it an incredibly challenging activity. But if your body isn’t conditioned for swimming, your shoulders and low back may take a beating.  Here are a few exercises you can try to help prepare your body for swimming.

Anterior and Posterior Arm Lifts: 

Lreverseflybie on a bench holding light handweights (2-5 pounds).  Keeping your abdominals contracted and your chest slightly lifted, slowly raise the weights forward until they are horizontal with your body.  Then return to the starting position and press weights backwards.  Keep your arms only slightly bent during the entire range of motion so the motion comes from the shoulder joint not the elbow. Repeat 8-20 times.

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Spring Into Cycling

Sherri Bike1Cycling is a fabulous low-impact cardiovascular workout that definitely will strengthen and tone your legs! And even if you haven’t rode a bike since elementary school, riding a bike is just like, well, riding a bike! However….

……whether you cycle recreationally or competitively, cycling requires a great deal of leg strength and endurance in your torso muscles to hold your body in a forward flexed posture safely while you ride.

Here’s a few exercises to enhance your cycling enjoyment and overall performance on your bike.

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Spring Into Hiking

There’s nothing like fresh mountain air and beautiful terrain. But hiking can be hard on your body and knees if you’re not conditioned – especially with the challenging inclines here in the Gorge, Mt. St. Helen’s and Mt. Hood area.

So try some of the following exercises to get you in tip-top hiking shape:

Dog Mountain will be a piece of cake for you this year!

Step Ups: 

Week 1 step ups1Start by standing behind a step or bench with one foot on the bench. Slowly step up onto the bench concentrating on pushing from the leg that’s on the step, standing tall, and keeping abdominals contracted throughout the entire exercise. Control the lowering portion so that only your toes lightly touch the floor.  Repeat on both sides for 13-20 reps. To increase or decrease intensity either raise or lower the bench height.  Using weights for added resistance will also challenge the legs to a greater degree.

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Spring Into Golf

It seems like we all have a little spring fever with this fabulous sunshine and long warm days. Many people will experience a renewed sense of energy at this time of year and will start spring cleaning, yard work, gardening, walking the trails and hitting the golf courses.

It’s also that time of year that many will launch a new health and fitness program to get into shape to guarantee a fun-filled summer.

Golfers, in particular, love their sport so much they spend a lot of hours and money on the golf courses attempting to perfect their swing, fine-tune their skills and lower their score. But…

…..very few gung-go golfers spend any time on improving their basic physical conditioning which ultimately, will improve their overall golf game.

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Spring Into Summer Fitness!

Sherri Mount Hood 2015Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. This time of year always seems to motivate people to start taking better care of their health. We start to experience some good weather and people head outdoors in swarms walking, hiking, cycling or just playing with their kids at the park.

But not only do people start becoming a lot more active, many also start to become really conscious of the extra layers of fat they’ve been storing throughout the winter months. There seems to be a common interest in shedding some of this extra body fat in order to look our best once we begin donning our summer attire.Unfortunately, a crash diet is not only unhealthy but it actually won’t provide you with the long-term results most desire.

Small changes to your lifestyle and a consistent effort will get you where you want to be come the warmer months.

Realistically with 2 months until summer, if you do this the right away, you can expect to be 15 pounds lighter, lean and fit!

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Partner Training – Week 10

Partner Training – Week 10 – Partner Training Stretches

We are at the end of a 10 week Partner Training Series and you now have a ton of options available to you for working out with your husband, a relative, a co-worker or friend. You’ve already learned a number of different exercises you can do with your partner. The question is how do you organize it all? You obviously can’t do it all each workout. So you may want to decide that on Monday and Fridays you do a Boxing workout with medicine ball exercises in between drills.  And then maybe on Wednesday and Saturdays you do a Tubing workout together and any other fun activities/drills you do together will be a bonus. We hope that it provides a lot of variety to your workouts and now that you know how to workout together, we hope that it really enhances the commitment to your health and fitness program and to your friendship.

It’s always a good idea to keep your connective tissue and your body limber and flexible so we will finish our series with a few stretches that you can do together at the end of your workouts.

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